Take a step out of your comfort and watch yourself change
Take a step out of your comfort and watch yourself change

Health 'N' Fitness

Face The Spring - Our New Collection

One to One Personal Training sessions - outdoors will improve on both our skin and breathing.  

Tailor Made In The Good Out Doors

Sign up to our FITCAMP and be inspired by working outdoor with likeminded people to achieve the same GOALS.

A Hot & Cold packages Of All Ages

In the last 12 months a number of changes have occurred with FHI on our journey in helping more peole with nutrition and body transformation. 

Summer Is Coming And With It Our New

Body Transformation packages to get you into the best shape for the Summer.

- Private Training

With over 10yrs of private training experience, I can help you:

  • Get back into shape after a long break, injury or child birth
  • Reduce body fat and create lean body mass
  • Improve Core Strength (help firm and flatten the belly)
  • Motivate & Inspire you to get fit and stay that way at any age
  • Make a total Lifestyle change and create long-lasting healthy habits 


- Group Training

I specialise in:

  • Spinning 
  • Fitcamps/interval training (HiiT, Tabata etc)



Clarity is achieved by being specific about what you want and by building your outcome around a meaningful metric. If you tell yourself that you want to lose weight and lose one pound over the next year, have you technically succeeded at what you set out to do? Sure, but is it really what you wanted? Probably not. You were most likely looking to lose 20 or 30 pounds. By being specific with your outcomes, and having clarity on what they are and why you want them, you can have the laser-guided focus you need to achieve them.


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